Aldridge Place

5 bird’s Aldridge Place house is on Hemphill Park, which represents the main walking thoroughfare of the neighborhood, grounded by a central stream and park area. Upon purchase the house was in an advanced state of disrepair. The hearth and main bathtub had fallen into the foundation. However, the bones and proportions of the house were undeniable.

It appears previous owners had added on a music and tv room to the back of the house. In addition, separate entrances were added to many of the rooms most likely as part of a program to rent rooms out. Although the house was built concurrent with many homes in Aldridge Place, it was not actually part of the original planned neighborhood. However, given its style, vintage, and proximity, it was logically included when the Aldridge Place historic district was formed. 5 birds is working with the Aldridge Place Historic Society to add a stone pillar on the front south side of the house, to denote it as the most southern entrance to the neighborhood.

Before Photos

Our Hemphill property is in progress and photos of the transformation are coming soon. In the meantime, you can explore these “before” photos that illustrate the charm of the property.